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by POD
SKU 08054-017-S

Nothing is stronger, lighter and slimmer

The POD MX K700 is setting the standard for the most protective, durable and comfortable knee brace on the market.

Developed by being put through the paces in MX and FMX the K700 gets the thumbs up by all professional riders.


  • Synthetic ligaments - function like a human knee to get a secure and natural motion
  • Low profile carbon composite frame- light weight, ridged shell without sacrificing feel for the bike
  • 4 Interior strap loops – give you a full lock in and easy comfort
  • Self-tracking patella guard – stays in place and distributes impact through the entire brace

Medical Cover 

POD ligament knee braces are medical grade products, covered by most health insurance plans with a doctor’s prescription.

  • Adult riders of all skill levels, beginner to professional
  • ACL, PCL, instability
  • MCL, LCL, instability
  • Rotary and combined instabilities (CI)

Insurance rebates vary country, region and policy. Please contact your medical practitioner and insurance provider to clarify your rebate before purchasing the POD product.

Knee width measurement should be taken across the centre of the knee. Take measurements in a weight bearing position at full extension. (I.e. with leg fully straight)


Size Knee Width Measurments Knee Circumference Measurements
Small 10.2 - 10.8 cm 4.0 - 4.3" 32.0 - 34.0 cm 12.6 - 13.4"
Medium 10.8 - 11.4 cm 4.3 - 4.5" 34.0 - 36.0 cm 13.4 - 14.1"
Large 11.4 - 12 cm 4.5 - 4.7" 36.0 - 38.0 cm 14.1 - 14.8"


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