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IPONE Katana Off-Road 10w40

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SKU LUBI1830367

Katana Off-Road 10W40

10W40 - 100% Synthetic - API SM - JASO MA2

Katana Off-Road is a 100% synthetic, ester-based lubricant for 4-stroke motorcycles, designed to deliver good off-road sports riding performance. The “speed & easy shift” innovation will transform your riding experience. Gear changes are fast and smooth; you will discover pure riding pleasure and faster acceleration. Its formula responds to the extreme stresses on the clutch.
Advantages :
- Off-road specific: package of additives with excellent cleansing and dispersal properties in order to protect the engine in a humid environment.
- Resistance to high temperatures. Product recommended for treks in the desert.
- Better protection of cylinders as it is reinforced with esters.
- More kilometres, fewer changes: the lubricant retains its properties and viscosity for longer.
- The clutch does not slip: JASO MA2 certified product. 
Thanks to its optimised formula, this lubricant retains its viscosity for longer and provides the engine with long-lasting protection.

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